Thursday, September 12, 2013

C4T #1

Comment #1:
Google Scan being used on a written document

     I had the pleasure of visiting Eric Langhorst's teaching blog and his first post, titled Work Flow- Getting Traditional with Google Scan Feature, got my brain spinning with ideas. First off, in the post, he talks about being torn between wanting to keep a digital copy of his notes when he goes off to seminars and conventions and enjoying the ease of a simple notepad and pen to write freely and draw his tables and charts with no complications.  A notepad fits easily into his pocket and doesn't create the awkward complication of carrying around a laptop or iPad tablet.  He was able to merge the two when he found a SCAN app located in Google Drive that allows you to take a snapshot, "SCAN", a document and it can be cropped and changed to black and white or color setting and it is uploaded to your Google Drive documents.  It can also have a title and is searchable amongst your other items.

     I commented to him that I had been up and down on whether to purchase an iPad because I already own a laptop and smartphone.  I told him by reading this article he helped solidify my decision to purchase one before starting my teaching position.  It's more portable and knowing I can make a scan of anything I may not put on the tablet just gives me all the more reason to go do a little shopping for a certain purchase!

Comment #2:
tombstone of Elmer D Lauck
     Mr. Langhorst has not gotten the chance to write a newer blog from the above post so I ventured further down and found the next post, Connecting the Story- Honoring Elmer D Lauck,Vietnam Veteran.  As a history buff I very much enjoyed this post!  He was talking about a trip he took to Washington DC and their tour around the Vietnam Memorial (i've been, it's breathtaking).  Eric Langhorst said he personally did not have a relatives name on the wall but a lady that was travelling with their group said her first cousin's name was on the wall.  Using a phone app they have, they were able to locate the name.  He asked Leann more about her cousin and found out he was buried where his wife's family lives, and he also was going to be flying back there after the trip.  Once he arrived in Wyoming he was able to locate the grave.  He took some pictures for Leann and her family and left a red carnation and flag in remembrance.

    I commented on the fact of how neat it was to see a personal connection with a name on the wall.  I have visited Washington DC and seeing these memorials are always really moving, but it doesn't hit you in a way that it would if you knew someone personally who was listed on that wall.  I commended him on how he helped connect her after the trip with pictures of the grave site and by placing a flower and a flag to honour him.    

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