Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blog Assignment #14

Public Speaking
How are you with speaking in front of others? What about students? How would you do in front of a large group of colleagues? Being a teacher you will find yourself constantly speaking in front of others. Whether it's a simple lesson, a faculty meeting, parent conference, or something more elaborate, you need to know how to conduct yourself as a professional.

Stanford University gives a list of how to overcome any anxiety related to public speaking in this link. Read the link and write a post on which strategies you could use to help you overcome any looming fear you may have.

fear of public speaking
     I actually do not have a bad fear of public speaking. The worst problem I have is talking too fast and jumbling up my words in the process. Going off of the list given I seem to have already identified the problem I have. By reading this I learned I should take more deep breaths during my speech to help calm me down and give me a moment to think what my next words should be. Practicing my speech or lesson should also help me work out word flow. I plan on practicing these techniques so once I do become a teacher I will be better prepared.

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