Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blog Assignment #16

Final Reflection
    Let me start of this last post with saying how much I have seen my writing improve. The first blog post I saw a lot of vague sentences with no details to support it. I kept wondering what I was meaning myself in those sentences. I feel I've gotten a lot better since that first post!
     Now as far as the post itself goes, I noticed a few things I would've done differently.  In my paragraph about the tools I talked about taking my students to different historical sites to help further their education. That's still a great idea, however, I realize that may not always be a viable option with school locations and funding. Throughout the semester we have done a lot of different assignments requiring me to research more materials, and I have found a number of websites for these historical places that have resources that I can use to further my lessons. Also a few have resources that my students can use to enhance their learning experience. Just a few of the places I have found with these enhanced learning sites are: Fords Theatre, The Capitol Building, Mount Vernon, and The White House.
     Outside of that one thing, I really wouldn't change much else about this blog post. It was a little vague, but I think that had a lot to do with the fact that I wasn't sure myself on what I would use. This was my first semester taking education classes so I have developed my future classroom a lot since mid-August. I really look forward to incorporating the things I've learned throughout the semester to help my classroom become one of valued and interesting learning.

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