Tuesday, October 29, 2013

C4K Summary for October

Week 8
     I had the joy of visiting Caitlin's blog this week.  She wrote about what she wants to be when she gets older.  She was so sweet talking about wanting to be a veterinarian and help animals.  Caitlin said she wants a hedge hog, guinea pig, and a penguin.  I commented back and told her I would've loved to have been a veterinarian.  I didn't because of all the schooling involved and the hurt animals I couldn't help, but don't worry, I didn't tell her that!  I also shared my love of penguins with her too!
Week 9
     This week I hopped over to Jayme's blog and read about her love of science.  Jayme talked about her science class and how they're learning about the different parts of the cell and are doing a project too.  I told her my favorite part of the cell was the mitochondria, and she should go look it up because it was pretty cool.  She mentioned dissecting an animal later in the semester, and I told her I've never done that but good luck!

Week 10
     Reety's blog post this week was titled "My Hero Is My Mom".  I told her her idea of a hero was wonderful, and I was so glad her mom was her hero.  Reety talked about how her mom is her hero because she stands up for her when she's bullied and helps her.  I told her what a wonderful thing it was to have a mother like that. My mom is my hero too!

Week 11
     Shane wrote about Jack-o-lanterns this week. His blog post, titled "Jak-o-lanterns", told about where carving pumpkins came from. I was very interested to hear it originated in Ireland, and I told him I would have to ask my Irish friend more about it! I then told him I had never carved a pumpkin, but I might try it after reading his blog post.

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