Tuesday, October 29, 2013

C4T #3

Comment #1:
     For this C4T, I have been assigned to Ken Halla's US History blog. This post, The Election of 1800 in Their Own Words, consisted of one video. The video, linked above, made comparisons to the name calling during election times for the present day and 1800's. It's been going on for years; it doesn't make it right. At the end of the video it states that you should look in a history book next time you complain about politicians.

     I commented on this post thanking them for the blog they run. Their blog links tools US History teachers can use in their classroom to help students get more interested in the subject. There are also links for other history subject course blogs too. I told him I found the blog funny and helpful. I will definitely keep this video in mind when teaching during elections.

Comment #2:
     Ken Halla put up a new blog post titled Flipped Learning and Differentiation. I linked the video above so that you could see for yourself what the students in a flipped classroom are doing.  His blog post said that the New York Times made an article advocating this new classroom technique. He said flipping allows the teacher to be able to work with the students more individually and equally.

     In my comment to his I thank him for sharing what a flipped classroom was. I had never heard of one until I read the blog entry. I told him I got a few ideas from the video that I want to incorporate in my classroom. I told him again how much I love the blog he runs. It's very specific to the material I want to teach and helps me find new ways to do that! I put this in my bookmarks to refer back to later!

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  1. Thanks for coming by my blogs. I hope they help your teaching. - Ken