Sunday, October 6, 2013

Project #13

Writing A Lesson Plan For A Project
The Lesson Plans for my project is in the link above.  These Lesson Plans focus on teaching students how to find true, factual research as well as how to make a proper presentation.  This specific Lesson Plan is intended for an 11th grade classroom but could vary for the different high school grade levels. Due to the length of the assigned paper and presentation they are to get ready for they will be allotted 10 hours over the span of a week to use the school computers and iPads.  Hopefully this will teach students the proper way of researching and presenting a project.


  1. " to find true, factual research ..." What does this mean? Can one find research? What is "true"?

    "What influence did this person make?" Do you mean something like What impact on American life (or politics or something else) dis ....have?

    "Use of computers or books. Use of Google documents to prepare a presentation. Use of Youtube to present a video. Must divide work equally" is not a product. Same applies for next box.

    Assessment Shouldn't Other be checked since you say students can produce movies and make them available through YouTube?

    Thanks for using the BIE Planner. That helps a lot. I will make it a requirement from here on out.

    Be prepared to present next week.

  2. Not the same as Etheridge's. Why not? This was to have been a collaborative assignment.

    Previous post was intended for Ethereidge and has been moved to his blog.