Saturday, October 5, 2013

PLN Project #2-first progress report

     My PLN so far has been very informative.  I'm finding all these new things to incorporate in my classroom.  I chose Symbaloo to help me keep everything in order.  So far I only have ten tiles on my board, but they are websites I use often and will continue to use when I get to be a teacher.  Amongst the ten tiles I have included my personal blog and the class blog.  The class blog gives me easy access to all the students and educators connected to it, and my personal blog as well has a few of the students comments on there.  The class blog also has links to other educational media sites I can use.  I also included a tile on iCurio for the same reason.  I included my Gmail and Twitter tiles in there to keep up with other educators around the globe, even though I don't have many on there at the moment.  Youtube is probably the most useful tile I have on my Symbaloo as of now because once I watch one educational video another one will catch my eye in the suggestion box.  Once that happens its just a downward spiral and before I know it I've found ten different educator vlogs that I keep up with.  I have USA, Padlet, and Google Drive tiles up there as well for easy access.  I added the History Channel to my board as well.  As a history teacher I will be able to pull this up for quick informational tools and videos.  They also have a "What happened today" section and I can have that up for the students to see when they come in the classroom.  So far this is all I have developed on my PLN.

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